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I am passionate about goals and unlocking the keys to success. I am a results driven coach who listens to client’s unique goals and co-strategizes with individuals to develop a pathway toward their goals.

I grew up in Oklahoma with a dream of living in a major metropolitan city. I studied abroad twice and these experiences lit a passion inside me and a desire to learn about different types of humans.

10 years post university, I realized I was comfortable yet unsatisfied with life. I developed a life strategy with a 1 year goal to move to Chicago, 5 year goal to land a corporate philanthropy job and 10 year goal to have my own business.

I was fearlessly determined and decided to make the move job or no job, network or no network. Within a few years I was thriving in my goal city with my goal job. Five years into my Chicago journey I developed Goal and Grind. As the years pass every day reaffirms my decision to pivot and take those giant leaps of faith toward my divine purpose.

Goal and Grind is possible because of the unwavering support from my mother. She has never asked me why I set a goal; instead she always asks how I will accomplish a goal. Asking how (not why) builds an environment of support and belief in one’s ability to step into their purpose. As a coach, I am an extension of my mother’s belief that you can do anything you put your mind to - it’s simply a matter of how you will get there!

- Bose’ Akadiri, Coach & Founder

Goal and Grind

“The Vision and Goals party is a chance to get specific about what you want most from your life - now and in the future.

I enjoyed hearing from other women about their dreams and goals. I benefitted most from taking time to meditate on and become clearer about my vision for my future, what steps to take to get there, and putting all of it on paper. ”

Julie R.

Goal and Grind

“I benefited most from the Vision and Goals party. It's easy for me to fill my "outside" hours with errands, housework, and mindless social media scrolling. The party gave me a dedicated "appointment" to put on the calendar. Coach Bose' has a beautiful way of creating an energizing environment and maximizing your time within that hour. A core group of attendees got my vision "generator" going. I left the party with my goals in mind and the spark to grind out my plan.”

Sarah G

Goal and Grind Method

1. Recognize your joy

2. Visualize your future

3. Conceptualize your path

4. Realize your results 


Why Goal and Grind?

1. Develop a goal driven, holistic life plan

2. Navigate transitions & major pivots

3. Align today’s to-do list to long term goals

4. Incorporate accountability 


Is Goal and Grind for you?

You want to make a major pivot but are feeling stuck.

You want to align your everyday to-do list to your long term goals.

You want to be held accountable to your goals.

You are ready to pursue big bite goals.

...if 1 or more of these resonates with you - let's connect!


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