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A program to help you navigate a career change, connect with fellow Goal Grinders and find purpose in life.

Why Goal and Grind?

There was a time in life when I had a good job...but it wasn't MY job. I didn't feel fulfilled or valued...and on top of that I was bored. I craved a good mental challenge along with continued growth. Have you ever felt that way about your job but didn't know where to start making a change?

  • Wake up dreading going to work?
  • Scared you won't be able to find a different job?
  • Not sure what kind of job you're looking for?
  • Want to enjoy the work you do and be properly compensated for it?
  • You're bored at work?
  • Afraid of not being able to make enough money if you change careers?

If any of these resonate with you Goal and Grind Circle is for you!

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Goal and Grind Circle is your full support system to land your dream job with an actionable course, community and Coach Bose' to cheer you on!







"Goal & Grind allowed me to refocus my vision. I had achieved several large milestones - and Goal & Grind provided me the resources and support to step out into my next goal adventure." 


-Deborah M




What's in the Goal and Grind Circle?

Course · Community · Coaching

Pivot to Purpose Course

The Pivot to Purpose course is my proven framework with video lessons, templates, and resources to navigate your career change.  During the 3 month program Coach Bose' walks you through discovering new career paths, networking yourself into the right spaces, acing interviews, negotiating compensation like a BOSS and everything in between! 

Goal Grinders Community

The Goal Grinders Community is here to cheer you along your journey! In the community you'll have access to member only events and building connections with fellow Goal Grinders.


Coach Bose' will be with you each step of your journey cheering you on to your successes. Cohorts launch with an exclusive Vision and Goals Party. Turn "Sunday Scaries" around with our bi-weekly Sunday Setup Sessions where you will connect with your Goal Grinder Community + get questions answered by Coach Bose'.

Goal and Grind Circle is a 3 month cohort with limited spots that includes bi-weekly group coaching and lifetime access to resources.

  • Goal and Grind

    “Goal and Grind is where coaching meets: authenticity, intuition and support!”

  • Goal and Grind

    “I am grateful for the positive energy she brought each time during our sessions, a pure and truthful space that has been of great benefit to me and to my journey. ”


So, you have a job you're not thrilled about and you don't know how to move into a career that you love. Heck, you might not even know what that career you love is! You feel stuck. Or you feel unfulfilled and unappreciated in your current job. You feel might even feel silly for all these feelings b/c your job pays well and it's a role other's would die for...but it's not YOUR job.

You need to get clarity and step into your purpose. Goal and Grind Circle will give you a road map to find your unique purpose and direction you're seeking to pivot to the career of your dreams. Whether it be transitioning to a new career or discovering alternate career options, Goal and Grind Circle will help you move out of a space of inaction and confusion...and into a place of powerful intention.




Focus your attention on joy and faith

...rather than fear and doubt.

- Coach Bose'

How is Goal and Grind Circle different?

It's not just a course, it's not just a community and it's not just's all 3 together!

Go at your own pace online courses can lack accountability often times meaning people don't complete them - I don't want anyone to buy this and not gain from it :-). Pairing the Pivot to Purpose course with a community of Goal Grinders and regular group coaching sessions creates space to share your unique sticking points. Coming together as a community opens doors to learned experiences from your fellow Goal Grinders.

Group coaching sessions where you have an opportunity to ask questions and get on the spot coaching while also listening to your fellow Goal Grinders questions is invaluable.

When creating the circle, I reviewed feedback from group and individual coaching sessions to understand the greatest needs and what clients appreciated most. After doing so, I couldn't imagine any of the three components (course, community or coaching) standing alone so I created a full support system to help you on your journey to set and grind out purpose driven goals.

- Coach Bose'

Goal and Grind Circle is a curated, application only experience.

Don't keep going to a job that drains your energy, pivot to purpose with Goal and Grind.


Goal and Grind Circle is a curated, application only experience. click that button and let's get this party started!