When Is The Right Time To Refresh Your Goals?


January has been chaotic, fun and full of energy…at times too much energy!

I am so very thankful that Goal and Grind’s first public Vision & Goals parties in December were a huge success! But then what? I was both humbled and honored with the requests to do more and inquires about January sessions. But I also felt pressure around January being THE perfect time to set goals. But was it really? And if it’s not then when?

My answer to this question might surprise you! To me, the best time is when…

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Make Laughter & Joy


Inspired by Kathrine, a college friend, that reminded me of my joy of laughter b/c learning what someone remembers you for can be so humbling.

So, laughter is my FAV. I have a loud really loud and wild...and it’s my laugh & I love it!

During this season I began to wonder…

Why aren’t we laughing more?

What makes us laugh?

What brings us joy?

How do we get know to joy and laughter?

How do we do it?

2020 has been a wild ride BUT if you pause for a moment I bet …

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Top 5 Reasons to Network Virtually


We’re deep into the pandemic and a lot of us are adjusted to working at home but what about networking from home. Without the galas, fundraisers, speaker series and all the other in person events meeting new people from a professional stand point can be challenging.

It’s challenging but it can {and should} be done! Here’s my top 5 reasons to jump on board with virtual networking.

Build your safety net. Building your network is like building a career safety net. During times of uncertainty …

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