Top 5 Reasons to Network Virtually


We’re deep into the pandemic and a lot of us are adjusted to working at home but what about networking from home. Without the galas, fundraisers, speaker series and all the other in person events meeting new people from a professional stand point can be challenging.

It’s challenging but it can {and should} be done! Here’s my top 5 reasons to jump on board with virtual networking.

Build your safety net. Building your network is like building a career safety net. During times of uncertainty it’s nice to have a network already in place that can support you. This works as a two way street as you’ll be able to share opportunities and also receive updates from your network. Whether it’s learning about a new online masters program, job opportunity or anything in between it is nice to have a network of experts with experience.

Expand your reach. When you network on the virtual playing field you have additional opportunities as you can more easily connect with professionals outside your local scene. Prior to the pandemic I mainly attended local corporate philanthropy events. Now I am able to expand my reach and learning by attending corporate philanthropy events across the nation and sometimes even internationally.

Schedule flexibility. You’re able to schedule virtual coffee at any time - early in the morning, later in the evening, mid day - there’s additional options on the table in a virtual environment.

Stay relevant. Perpetual growth and expansion are essential. Virtual networking stretches you in new ways and ensures that you continue to sharpen your networking skills throughout these times.

Brighten your day. You never know who you’re going to meet out there. It can be both refreshing and enlightening to hear a new perspective. If you’re like me and are a life-long learner connection is a key component to both learning and growth!

In addition to all of this I love how many options we have to network virtually. We can be as passive or active as we’d like to be and still be a participant. For example, I belong to a few Facebook groups for coaches. I might not post everyday but I am sure to read posts daily as there are nuggets of inspiration being shared.

I’ve meet great people during this time and decided it’s time to share how I’m doing this. After all, I’m an extravert and my top Gallop Strength Finder’s strength is connector. I want to leverage that strength by teaching others how to make meaningful connections right from your own home.

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